Witt und Sohn


Over the past 60 years WITT&SOHN have gained experience in wide ranging fan applications. The following extract from our reference lists gives a brief overview of our capabilities.

Detailed reference lists for individual application areas are available on request - some preselected samples you will find below.

General Industry Over 22,000 installations. From 0,09 kW up to 1000 kW.
Merchant Marine Over 13,000 ships for more than 60 countries.
Naval Vessels Over 330 ships. Most acc. to BV 043, Mil-spec. etc.
Tunnel Ventilation Over 300 tunnels. Thrust up to 2000N (some more details)
Wind Tunnels Over 12 plants. Up to 500,000 m3/h.
Industrial Boiler Blowers Over 600 plants. Up to 20,000 Pa.
Hot Gas Fans Over 150 applications. Up to 850oc.
Circulation Drying Fans Over 150 projects. Up to 800oC.
Waste Gas Extraction Over 15 installations. Up to 35,000 Pa.
Nuclear Power Plants 27 power plants in 5 different countries.
Biofilter Deodorizing Plants Over 25 installations. Up to 200,000 m3/h.
Energy Recovery Over 75 projects in more than 16 countries.
Catalytic Post Combustion Over 20 plants.

list of references