Investment grants for the use of high-efficiency cross-sectional technology

The Federal Office for Economy and Export Control (Bafa) awards a grant of up to 30% (maximum € 30,000) for the replacement and new purchase of high-efficiency plants or aggregates incl. planning and assembly, including ventilators. The efficiency grade is measured in accordance with the EU Regulation 327/2011. The minimum grant amount is € 2,000. Hereby the requirements on the minimum degree of efficiency to be achieved to receive a grant is higher than the current minimum requirement of the EU.

The main target groups are plant manufacturers and end-customers.

Excluded from the grant are, amongst others, companies in fishery, agriculture or forestry, coal mines and companies in public law. Not subject to a grant are amongst others research and development projects, own services and energy saving regulation measures, plants for the production of cold or heat, production plants, machines and already begun projects.

The degree of efficiency of ventilators to receive a grant can be taken from the table:



Ventilator type

Measurement category Efficiency category Eligilble BAFA EU 327 2015 Draft EU 327    Witt Standard        
2018 2020   

Axial Fan

A, C static 50 40 44 48 55
B, D total 64 58 62 66 70

Radial forward

curved blades

A, C static 62 44 64 68 -
B, D total 65 49 67 70

Radial forward
curved blades with casing
with casing

A, C static 62 61 64 68 67
B, D total 64 67 70 70 70


Almost all Witt ventilators have efficiency degrees that are higher than required in the EU Regulation EU 327/2011, in the draft of the new EU 327 Regulation and from Bafa for the grant.

Details to the grant can be found here:

We will be happy to offer you assistance to fill out the applications and provision of the necessary manufacturer declarations.

The grant scheme will be conducted until the end of 2019.