Policy on Business Ethics, Culture and Corporate Responsibility

Witt & Sohn AG considers itself a responsible company and as such has established a strong company culture attempting to comply with the highest standards in corporate behavior.


Witt & Sohn AG is committed to cultural, racial and gender equality. We ensure that all individuals be they customers, suppliers, employees or other stakeholders are treated with fairness and respect, regardless of race, colour, religion, nationality, sex, age, disability or other differentiating characteristics.

Personal integrity

Witt & Sohn AG prides itself on maintaining an open and respectful work environment. Any kind of unwelcome or offensive behaviour, be it in terms of comments (written or verbal), inappropriate physical contact, sexual advances or any other aggressive, intimidating or unacceptable actions are not tolerated.


Witt & Sohn AG attaches great importance to a sustainable future. As a company, we are aware of our responsibility and take appropriate measures to promote more sustainable business practices.

Unlawful practices

Witt & Sohn AG is a responsible company and will not engage in illegal acts such as payment of bribes, kickbacks or other corrupt practices. The company is also committed to adhere to the highest standards in terms of environmental laws, fair competition laws and trade compliance.

Health and safety

Witt & Sohn AG strongly believes in protecting from harm their employees, customers and other persons that come in contact with the company or our products. Continuous internal training and monitoring is as much part of that effort as are up-to-date instruction and maintenance manuals. Alcohol and the use of illegal drugs also do not have any place in our workshops, offices or anywhere on the premises.

Proprietary information

Witt & Sohn AG often is involved in sensitive projects and it is therefore second nature to the employees of the company not only to protect the confidential information of the company, but also customers and suppliers intellectual property.


Witt & Sohn AG maintains complete records of all commercial transactions for at least 10 years. All financial books and records naturally conform to the generally accepted accounting principles and legal requirements of the Federal Republic of Germany.


Witt & Sohn AG is focused on achieving the highest customer satisfaction because we aim to perform our work immediately, in time, continuously and to the best of our abilities at all times.


Witt & Sohn AG would appreciate if you, be you a customer, supplier or otherwise engaged in a relationship with us, adhere to the same standards and help and support to enhance our adherence.