Products Overview


Comprehensive ranges

WITT & SOHN offer one of the most comprehensive industrial fan ranges of any manufacturer in the world. The selection charts overleaf, for both 50 and 60 cycles, show some of the range of axial and centifugal fans available with direct drive. The WITT & SOHN fan design approach offers multiple impellers for each fan type allowing the most economical arrangement to be confidently selected. Even if applications necessitate change, a different impeller can in most cases be used without having to change the whole fan.

Direct Drive: Virtually all possible working points with a volume flow rate from 100 m3/h up to 1,000,000 m3/h and pressure increases from 100 Pa up to 50,000 Pa can be offered with direct drive and the highest efficiency.

V-belt drives: For V-belt drive applications WITT & SOHN offer many alternatives as standard.

Other drives: Witt fans are also manufactured with drives via a coupling; or with pneumatic, hydraulic or water motors.



The continued exposure to applications with the highest performance requirements such as nuclear power plants, naval ships, chemical installations etc. has enabled WITT & SOHN to gain extensive experience with all kinds of materials.

Mild steel, aluminium and various speciality steels are used as standard, although more unusual materials such as titanium are increasingly being specified.


Standard specifications

Offered as standard are a wide selection of outlet positions, casing geometries, casing thicknesses, materials and impellers for the various fan types.