Power plants

70 years of experience of the Witt group have been incorporated into the development of our fans for power stations.

End-users benefit not only from the durable design and high efficiencies, but also from our expertise in audit-ready documentation and in compliance with industry-specific requirements such as earthquake protection, decontamination and gas-tightness.

Witt & Sohn has several in-house staff that possess the authorization
"W 180.11/1-RS" according to § 15 of the Radiation Protection Ordinance in order to carry out activities in external installations or facilities.

Since 1976 our company has had the Confirmation on quality assurance according to nuclear standard KTA 1401 for all the corresponding scope of supply and services (radiation passports etc.), which confirms the qualification for system and product related quality assurance of the German nuclear power plant operators.

Some individual industry sectors

Conventional power plants, nuclear power plants, research reactors, reprocessing plants, hydro-electric power plants, etc.


References: more than 58 nuclear power plants worldwide.

Reference list nuclear


Individual products for the power plant industry