High-temperature test for a large tunnel ventilation fan!

Yet another successful high-temperature test for a large tunnel ventilation fan!

Our clients from Asia have personally witnessed the testing of our smoke exhaust fan at the Material Testing Institute (MPA) in Braunschweig, Germany. The test was done according to EN12101-3:2015 for 300°C/2h in Germany in the specialized and accredited lab with a 710 kW motor in a vertical arrangement. The pressure of the fully reversible fan is 3,800 Pa. We are very proud of achieving such an important milestone with!

The MPA in Germany is a recognized testing laboratory with a worldwide network and customer base. They test according international standards.

The tests carried out by the MPA in Germany are also recognized internationally, e.g. in Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Australia and China.

Many thanks for the long and constructive cooperation!

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