The Impulse Ventilation System

PSB is a sister company to Witt & Sohn AG, wholly conned by Witt & Son UK Holdings Company Ltd. Their ground breaking car park ventilation systems are build around Witt & Sohn fans.

PSB plans and supplies Ventilation- and Exhaus systems for parking garages. The Impuls Ventilation System (IVS) can be used for the following ventilation scenarios:

  • CO-exhaustParkgaragenlueftung
  • CO-exhaust and smoke control (10-times air exchange) with sprinkler
  • CO-exhaust and smoke control without sprinkler. The IVS is used to compensate a sprinkler system.

PSB offers the following services:

  • Estimation of costs for a complete ventilation system in your new building projects
  • usage of high-quality fans
  • DIN EN ISO 9001 certified fans
  • smoke exhaust fans certified according to the latest european standard (EN 12101-3)
  • switchboard for control of the fans and all depending components, as dampers, smoke apron and roller shutter
  • required accessories for the ventilation system, for example dampers and smoke apron
  • CO-detector system according to the newest standard (VDI 2053)
  • planning and technical assistance according to the actual directives of each federal state (Landes-GaVO und LBO)
  • installation
  • TÜV-certification
  • maintenance


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Flexible Ventilation

The Impuls Ventilations System can be used to control the soke in warehouses, workshops, cooling rooms, storage area on ships and similar applications. The basis is that the IVS is combined with a sprikler system.

PSB - the experts for parking ventilation systems

PSB is your specialist for the ventilation of car parks. PSB has already installed hundreds of impuls fans alone in German car parks in Europe there have been installed more than 4000! Additionally there have been supplied more than 500 exhaust and smoke-control fans.

With the IVS in many car parks the sprinkler systems could be substituted. PSB has successfully fullsize fire tested many of their installed new Impuls Ventilation Systems.

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