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OEM-Service (Original Equipment - Original Equipment - Original Equipment Manufcturer)

Witt Contracting GmbH provides tailor-made long-tern service programs to reduce unplanned fail time and increaye to profitability of your tunnel fans. We will work with you to maintain your Ventilation System according to previously agreed fixed conditions and plan the spare parts concepts with you We stand for know-how and the constant further development of our products and for the WITT ORIGINAL.


System efficiency

Our concept of system efficiency offers you an individual adaptation to the given wear and operating situation. With this concept, you achieve a general runtime extension of all materials and technologies. Our goal is to reduce costs and processing costs by:

  • Increased availability
  • increased profitability
  • Extending the service life of your fans.

You will receive the best advice from us as the original manufacturer. This results in long-term cost advantages for your fan. Maintenance programs and technical advice are available on site.


Revision management

After prior inspection or as part of our certification inspection of your fans, we create special revision plans. The inspection can be carried out as a complete replacement, on-site assembly as well as in the WCon workshop revision. The revision of a fan includes a thorough check of all critical parts. After the WCon revision, the fan can be considered as new, with new W&S factory warrantee.

After prior inspection or as part of our certification inspection of your fans, we create special revision plans. The inspection can be carried out as complete replacement, on-site assembly as well as in the Witt Contracting woekshop revision. The revision of a fans includes a through check of all critical parts. After the Witt Contracing revision, the fan can be considered as new with new W&S factory warrantee

Ensure success with our service from a single source, avoiding friction losses, which usually arise when working with several partners.

The employees of the WCon think with a clear- sightedness and regard you position as yours.

Our service and delivery program:

  • Fan components
  • Spare parts and wear concept
  • Repair and inspection
  • Replacement and provision of replacement parts
  • Warehousing, maintenance, maintenance
  • Manufacture and supply of spare parts
  • Revision planning, revision, repair
  • Vibration analysis and measurement
  • Fault anaysis and fault rectification
  • Plant diagnostics and performance adjustment
  • Plant optimization and upgrading
  • Assembly, consultancy and training
  • Comissioning
  • Soundproofing
  • Mobile service team


Flow measurements

Our experienced specialists provide you with fluidic measurements, which lead to the redesign and optimization of your system. Thus, you machine is adapted to the exact operating conditions.



Repairs and assembly/ assembly of components and components can be quickly planned and carried out. Offers, replacement parts and assembly inserts are carefully prepared for us. In the case of a loss, we help to keep the tunnel ready for operation with our service or replacement concepts.

The WCon individual inspection or maintenance contracts allow you to secure your share of the technological progress. For you, this means future-proofing and cost-protection.


Spare parts and availability

We are, of course, always striving to provide you with spare parts deliveries quickly. We are at your disposal for technical support, explanation and identification of spare parts drawings at any time. Lists and descriptions are reserve fans can be provided if required.



Under modernization, we understand the conversion of the rotating components to the latest standard of the technology as well as demands of Gov. and safety instructions. For you a good chance to secure the life of your fan in the long term. We offer you performance adaptations to your fans according to the latest mechanical developments, flow-related designs and temperature requirements. If you want to improve the performance of your fans, the long-term experience of our employees is always at your disposal.

As a leading manufacturer of fans, we provide first class support with our service.

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